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The Team

Inspiring companies need inspiring and creative teams. West Coast Green's Founder & CEO has assembled a dynamic staff and an extraordinary assembly of strategic partners to create unforgettable experiences. See below for the people behind our impact! Special thanks also go to our 250 volunteers, whose time and efforts are critical to the success and professionalism of our work!

 Christi Graham {staff_suffix}Christi Graham - Founder & CEO

Ms. Graham is one of the most passionate and effective visionary leaders to emerge in the green building movement. Recognized nationally as an expert in green and healthy living, Ms. Graham has spent the past fifteen years as a pioneer successfully producing and directing numerous visionary events, programs, and organizations. After serving the early part of her career directing environmental non-profits, including founding the Green Resource Center of Berkeley, Ms. Graham chose to direct her considerable passion and talents to the residential green building arena. She launched this new direction as the founder and producer of the Bay Area's first Green Materials Showcase. After eight years under Christi's guidance, the Showcase became the largest annual green building tradeshow on the West Coast. Its success has given rise to West Coast Green.

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Christi’s Vision:
“I offer West Coast Green as a way of igniting our vision, bolstering our will, and increasing our capacity to become an irrepressible force toward creating a healthy world. By extending the definition of green building beyond the walls of the house and revealing the vital links between the built environment, our total well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and the realization of our true nature as humans, I hope to cast our home and lifestyle choices in an evolutionary light, stirring our deepest appetite for positive change. I want us to see ourselves as powerful change agents each time we make a healthy, green choice, and walk away from the conference excited to be alive, filled with a sense of possibility, and completely equipped to take action on Monday. As a result, the changes on which the future of life depends are enacted swiftly and joyfully.

In this way, I see West Coast Green catalyzing a full-scale market conversion, infusing all commerce with green values and generating public policy that makes enlivening living spaces a basic birthright available to everyone. I imagine the ripples reaching into areas we could never imagine or trace. This is not grandiosity, but a simple recognition of the interdependence of existence, and the power of striking a clear and direct chord that resonates with all of life.

I am humbled, honored, and thrilled to be able to play a part in this effort by showcasing the work of such exemplary individuals and organizations. It is a privilege to bring their expertise, products, inspiration, and vision to those most eager and able to use them. I offer all of my efforts and the fruits of this tradeshow to the fulfillment of our human potential, for the sake of all life. May we flourish.”

 Beth Whiteley {staff_suffix}Beth Whiteley - Vice President, Marketing

Beth Whiteley recently joined West Coast Green as Vice President, Marketing. In this role she will be supporting the sales efforts for conference sponsorships as well as an expanded line of consulting services. Before arriving at West Coast Green, Beth led the marketing team at Sunset Magazine as Vice President, Director of Marketing. Sunset is the preeminent lifestyle publication for how to live in the West. Headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., Sunset is a division of Time Inc. Sunset was started in 1898, and continues to be one of the most relevant, respected magazines in the Time Inc. portfolio. Beth’s personal mission is to find creative, financially viable ways to support the individuals and companies that are committed to creating a healthier planet.

Beth graduated in 1986 from the University of Arizona with a major in Communications and a minor in Radio and Television. In 1990, she joined Sunset in a Marketing merchandising role. Throughout Ms. Whiteley’s career at Sunset, she created and developed branded assets that both served to elevate Sunset’s awareness in the public and press and allowed integration of Sunset advertisers within those programs. The promotions included everything from developing Sunset Idea Houses, to creating themed consumer contests, and designing entertaining events for key clients.

Beth created the magazine’s most high-profile consumer program to date, Sunset Celebration Weekend. It’s the largest admission based consumer magazine event in the country, drawing over 25,000 consumers per year. Under Beth’s direction, the Sunset Marketing team had a direct impact in supporting the sales team in leveraging an incremental $7-10 million dollars a year. Key clients that have been a part of these programs on a consistent basis have included Weber, Chrysler, Ford, Kraft, Safeway, GE Appliances, Land O’ Lakes, Hawaiian Airlines, Benjamin Moore Paints, James Hardie, Monrovia, Andersen Windows, Crate and Barrel and many more.

 Andy Mannle {staff_suffix}Andy Mannle - Education Director

Andy Mannle was born and raised in the Valley of the Moon. As a Bay Area native, he’s happy to be back home helping West Coast Green inspire innovation and accelerate positive change. As a writer, speaker, and strategic communications consultant, Andy has spent the last five years helping people understand the changing landscape of sustainable business, green design, clean energy, and environmental policy. He is a regular columnist for Environmental, and his essays have appeared on, Sustainable Life Media, Current Green, the NRDC blog and other sites dedicated to sustainability. In 2009, he led the team at Sherwood Design Engineers in writing Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering & Design, a manual on sustainable design to be published by John Wiley & Sons in 2010. Before that, Andy was senior editor of, where he spent two years interviewing thought leaders and covering emerging developments in greenbuilding, renewable energy, environmental policy, and climate change. Andy has over fifteen years experience writing, researching, teaching, and traveling and has taught at Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, UC Santa Cruz and others. He is more convinced than ever that sustainable solutions are emerging all around us!

 Abby Monroe {staff_suffix}Abby Monroe - Production Manager

With experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit industries, Abby specializes in large-scale event management, marketing, sponsor relationships and greening strategy. Abby began her event career as an intern in the City of Chicago's Mayor's Office, where she was the Volunteer Coordinator for the United States Conference of Mayors. Ever since, Abby has continued to have a passion for creating high-impact, socially-minded partnerships and events.

Abby's interest in sustainability sparked when she was hired as the Conference Manager for the 2007 Net Impact Sustainable Business Conference, which took place in Nashville, Tenn. The conference convened over 1,900 business thought leaders to participate in a cutting-edge curriculum based on the following themes: Business and the Environment, the Business of Health, Corporate Impact, Leadership, the Social Sector and International Development. During her time at Net Impact, Abby also completed a year of service through the AmeriCorps*VISTA program.

Prior to West Coast Green, Abby was the Production Manager at Sustainable Life Media, focusing on sponsor relationship management, partnership development and event logistics. Beginning with Sustainable Brands 2008, alongside Andrew Winston's Eco-Advantage Salon Tour, and continuing to work on the Sustainable Brands live event series, Abby has developed an even deeper desire to help drive the sustainable innovation marketplace.

Originally from Chicago, Abby has been in the Bay Area for almost three years (and loves it!). She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a B.S. in economics and marketing. She secretly loves Elvis and airplane food.

 Seth Rosenblatt {staff_suffix}Seth Rosenblatt - Chief Financial Officer

Seth has over twenty years of experience in media and technology, including executive positions in both start-up companies and large enterprises in positions across finance, marketing, business development, technology and general management. In addition to running a number of start-up businesses, Seth has operated his own consulting firm for clients focused on go-to-market strategy, operations and business development. He has extensive experience in social media, marketing technology and enterprise software. Previously, Seth also held senior positions at Interwoven, Optimost, Bluefish Wireless, PocketScience and Ziff-Davis. He also began his career as an investment banker. Seth holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. He is also an elected School Board Member of the San Carlos (CA) School District.

 Monica Renner {staff_suffix}Monica Renner - Swiss Army Knife

After graduating with a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley, Monica developed a strong interest in sustainable design.  She successfully held down an internship with ReadyMade Magazine, a position at Chronicle Books, and played a key role in planning the '08 CA Boom Design Show in Santa Monica.  As a native English speaker, she also speaks Spanish with almost as much ease, though her dialect is limited to slang popular from the 1970s.  She has her Chilean mother to thank (and father). Monica is a talented and unique soul, excelling in creating layered cardboard furniture, tablet based vector art, felt slippers, oil paintings, and mobiles.  She's looking forward to her third year with the fine folks at West Coast Green and expects '10 to be the best West Coast Green ever!

 Jonathan Reese {staff_suffix}Jonathan Reese - Exhibits Director

Jonathan’s Vision:
“I can't wait for the day where ‘green' building is just ‘building' and healthy, sustainable places of residence and work are the norm. There is an abundance of top quality, high-performance building materials, techniques, and technologies currently in the marketplace or shortly arriving that command attention. Once, lead pipes, lead paint, and asbestos were the norm, but that has changed. We should apply the same equation to the many toxic, environment & health damaging materials and practices commonplace today. The solutions are there; it's time we put them to use.”

 Joni Moss {staff_suffix}Joni Moss - Exhibits Director

Joni joins the West Coast Green Team with 14+ years of sales and event experience.  While putting herself through school, Joni worked with Vector Marketing selling Cutco Cutlery.  Starting as a sales rep, Joni worked her way through the ranks and ran her own branch for the company at the age of 20. After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Bachelors Degree in Speech Communication, Theatre and a minor in management, Joni moved to New York to work in Lighting Design.  As a freelance Lighting Designer, she simultaneously worked in the gourmet food and event industry when not working in the theater.  It was a way to use both her sales skills and production experience.  After moving to California, Joni has been primarily consulting in sales, marketing and recruiting in various industries within Marin County where she lives with her husband and daughter.

Joni’s Vision:
“Working at West Coast Green allows me to use my past experience within an industry I feel passionate about. I get to have empowering conversations with inspiring people everyday and gain insight to what motivates others to look for a better option, not only for our families, but also for the environment.”

“To me, West Coast Green is ultimately about education. It's a forum where people can learn about options for healthy living and how those choices impact the environment. There is still a stereotype out there that to "go green" means having to spend more money and sacrifice style. This is simply untrue. When people know about the options available to them, smarter decisions can be made and change will begin.”

 Kailani Swenson {staff_suffix}Kailani Swenson - Communications Director

Kailani strives daily to have a positive impact on the environment, as well as the people and organizations with which she works. Through her company, Inspirit Design™, Kailani provides sustainable marketing solutions and efficient business processes to socially and environmentally responsible organizations. Though born and raised in the Bay Area, Kailani has spent much time exploring other cultures and foreign lands. After conducting community work projects through Spain, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East while studying abroad, she was able to teach underprivileged youth with a non-profit organization in Central America. Kailani has been blessed to bear witness to different and valuable ways of life early on. Her educational background includes international business, sustainable building, environmental ethics, and Latin American studies. Much of this knowledge has been applied practically through her social activism and corporate involvements. To balance the daily task of consulting throughout the Bay Area, Kailani loves to play in nature; hiking, climbing, biking, boarding of all types, and relaxing on the beach are a few of her simple pleasures.

Kailani’s Vision:
"I envision a world of sustainable businesses, all working cohesively to bring forth a global community; a world of dedicated like-minds, working together towards aware action to solve global challenges. I enjoy seeing daily changes in interactions while being a part of this global shift. I strive to remember that what is most important is to live with gratitude for each day as it comes – smile!"

 Seth Chanin {staff_suffix}Seth Chanin - Sales Manager

Seth joined West Coast Green with a background in renewable energy finance and sustainable information technology. He is a self-proclaimed “business hippie” and believes that achieving environmental sustainability can only be accomplished with the support and participation of the for-profit sector. A Bay Area native, Seth grew up leading whitewater rafting trips on California’s American and Tuolumne Rivers, where he cultivated a passion for environmental education. To further pursue this interest, Seth traveled to Kalimpang, India and the Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI to teach environmental science. In his free time, Seth enjoys cycling, backpacking, SCUBA diving, and consuming copious quantities of Asian food. Seth graduated from Colby College with a BA in Environmental Policy and Economics.

 Brian Duggan {staff_suffix}Brian Duggan - Director of Thought Leadership Programs

I help organizations with a focus on sustainability in building lasting alliances via sponsorship and thought leadership programs.

As Principal in Teamwork Promotions, I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve a number of leading organizations over the years including Eco Expo, Fast Company, Harvard Business School Publishing, Federated Media and now West Coast Green.

Brian's Vision:
I was fortunate enough to experience the power of marching down Fifth Avenue in New York City during the first Earth Day as one of the founders of a student environmental group, and to include The Sierra Club and Earth Day 1900 among my clients since then.

I envision West Coast Green as continuing this legacy of these leading transformational events that have served to inspire positive environmental action over the decades. I am especially excited by WCG's growth to focus on all manner of new technologies and business practices, and areas such as SmartGrids and others that are so critical for our world at this time.

 Celia Canfield {staff_suffix}Celia Canfield - Development Advisor

As a marketer with over 25 years of print and Web publishing experience, Celia Canfield is skilled at developing communication programs that reach diverse audiences and achieve measurable results for clients.

After getting her feet wet at print publications such as BassMaster and BusinessWeek's Careers, she launched an English-language magazine, Business Monthly, in Cairo, Egypt. Upon returning to the U.S., Celia assumed executive positions in high tech publishing at some of the industry's leading publishers:  M&T Publishing (now CMP Media), IDG, and Ziff Davis. In 1995, she led the launch and marketing of ZDNet, Ziff Davis' critically acclaimed website.

For 8 years she built a successful custom content creation agency as a co-founder, Tendo Communications (, before leaving in 2007 to start her own marketing consulting firm, Ecovertex. Celia has planned and developed communication programs for many successful global companies such as: Aon, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, McKinsey, IBM, Motorola, MCI, Oracle, Adobe, and Honda.

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 Karen Jackson {staff_suffix}Karen Jackson - Systems Analyst

Karen has developed community dance, art and ecology programs for for the past seven years. Her work has infused life into projects with The UNEP Tunza International Children's Conference on The Environment, The Foundation for Civic Leadership, The San Francisco Institute of Architecture and the Downtown Berkeley YMCA before she landed at West Coast Green. A passion for the Arts and her studies of Environmental Science at Harvard are the foundation for her devotion to the mainstreaming of green building. Through a greening of the built environment, the place where art and science combine to shape our societies, she believes we can procure ecological, social and economic sustainability.

Karen brings playfulness and dedication to her work at West Coast Green and is excited to be part of the team that is nurturing a healthy lifestyle into the essence communities world wide.

 Chloe Byruck {staff_suffix}Chloe Byruck - Strategic Marketing Advisor

Chloe has worked as an architect and a construction manager and is now excited to be exploring the marketing field at West Coast Green.  A Berkeley native, Chloe has lived in Aix-en Provence, Cambridge MA, St. Louis MO, and now San Francisco.  She attended Washington University in St. Louis where she founded the school’s first housing Co-op and initiated Social Design, the study of the relationship between the physical and social environments, as a Major.  Thrilled to be back on the West Coast, she spends her free time biking, hiking, dancing, and enjoying the cultural delights of the Bay Area.

Chloe’s Vision:
“I hope that West Coast Green effects change on an enormous, systemic scale. I am consistently impressed by the number of people actively improving the environment; however, I am also overwhelmed by the enormity of the task at hand. I think that West Coast Green could be the hub where the weight of our individual actions halts the inertia behind ecological disaster; that through innovation and co-operation we can make giant changes in the way businesses are run, buildings are constructed, and energy is produced. I think that it is important to make small changes in our daily lives, but I also believe that we need a massive status quo overhaul in business and government. To me, West Coast Green presents an opportunity for these large changes to be envisioned and enacted.”

 Jonathan Solomon {staff_suffix}Jonathan Solomon - Advising CFO

As an entrepreneur, executive, investor and advisor, Jonathan has over 20 years of experience working with small to mid-size companies.

Jonathan is presently a founder of the privately held ECM Investments LLC, which invests and provides advisory services to promising start-ups and small companies in the green technology sector. Investments range from electronic mail services to solar installation franchises. Advisory services include assistance with recruiting, capital raising, sales and operational improvements.

Prior to ECM Investments LLC, Jonathan served as CEO of iForce Ltd, a $100M transportation and logistics company with offices in 4 countries and approximately 1000 employees. Customers included John Lewis, Boots Healthcare, Tesco, General Motors, Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Kodak, and Cadbury's.

Previous employment includes positions as President/COO at Tablogix Limited, with headquarters in the UK, and CEO/Founder of JD Logistics Inc, based in Moscow, Russia.

Jonathan holds an MS from the Stanford Graduate School of Business (Sloan Fellow) and undergraduate degree from Syracuse University.

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