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Presenting in 2011

A letter from West Coast Green's Professional Education Team:


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the West Coast Green 2011 program! We are deeply invested in our faculty – who are often our own heroes – and dedicate an incredible amount of time to their leadership development.

Our speaker faculty is unique: they are able to dynamically share their technical knowledge, on-the-ground expertise, and visionary wisdom while inspiring extraordinary action. Their knowledge spans all the way from building science and public policy to technology and innovation.

If you become a member of our faculty, we will give you training sessions to further your public communication skills and help introduce you to successful teaching styles. You’ll be invited to join private roundtable discussions, numerous networking events, and become part of the West Coast Green faculty family.

In 2011 we will have fewer than 150 faculty positions – requiring us to be extremely selective. However, once you are a faculty member you are always considered a part of West Coast Green; we will honor your faculty registration discount even if you are not speaking this year.

Most of our 2011 speakers will be of either a "master speaker" level or play a facilitator role. Facilitators design, develop and host intimate roundtable discussions amongst industry thought leaders and infuse their knowledge and skill in this process.

We look forward to receiving your presentation or session ideas and thank you in advance for your contribution!

Kindest regards,
Christi Graham, Founder & CEO
Andy Mannle, Education Director

Step 1. Please view the speaker guideline slideshow for complete information about submitting your idea.

Step 2. To submit your session idea, please complete the form by clicking on the button below.

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