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Innovation Pipeline

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The Innovation Pipeline is the launch pad for emerging breakthroughs.  It is our signature exhibit, expertly curated to reveal a glimpse of the future. Be the first to see several of the coolest and most revolutionary resource-efficient products, many yet to hit the market.

Here's a sneak preview of a few products you will see this year:


Three Wheeled Concept Car -UK
Tom Kent’s zero emission, two person electric vehicle features a variable width wheelbase for maximized flexibility in urban environments.


Not Your Typical LED -St. Petersburg, FL
LumaStream designed a biomimicry system for light control.


Desalination Still -Germany
Mage Water Management single person usage, portable, floatable, solar-driven, desalination still


Wool Insulation -San Francisco, CA
Bellwether Materials manufactures sheep's wool insulation


Enovative Kontrol Systems -California
D’MAND-CIRC efficiently delivers hot water saving water/energy


Stramit Strawboard -UK
Stramit USA makes a 100% sustainable building panel.


Countertop Composting Appliance -Denver, CO
GreenCycler is a compact food grinder that makes composting kitchen scraps easy.  Just throw food waste in, turn the hand crank and out comes scraps that are the optimum size for composting.


Urban Cargo Scooters -San Francisco, CA
LitScooters - In the Wild...Cargo Scooters make vehicle architectonics sustainable.


Green Collar Jobs for Rural Communities -India
Barefoot College is an NGO empowering women in rural communities to achieve sustainability through education in solar energy and water use management practices by offering a 6-month solar technology training program to illiterate women in India.


Plug-and-play energy saver -Sacramento, CA
PowerZoa smart plug systems manage, measure and report energy


Rethinking Urban Transportation -UK
Martin Angelov’s Kolelinio is an alternative individual urban transportation concept utilizing a network of urban cables and personal motorized backpack harnesses.


Green Lite Motors -Oregon
Ideal urban vehicle: 100MPG+express lane cruising+easy parking.


Sol Solutions -California
SolMan mobile solar generator. Plug-&-Play portable green power.


Chromasun -San Jose, CA
Chromasun Micro-Concentrator (MCT) – High Temperature Solar Thermal


Calstar Products -CA
Brick Reinvented —Low CO2, Low Embodied Energy, 40% Recycled

Participate in the Innovation Pipeline

To Apply
Fill out the application by August 19, 2010. Space is limited, so apply early. Any questions, contact Diane Loviglio.


“The show was a huge success for us, and certainly for me exceeded expectations.  I was worried about spending 3 full days at the show and hoped we'd get good feedback from customers, contractors and builders, but I didn't realize just how positive that feedback would be and how motivating.  I also did not expect so much blog coverage post-show, and we're very grateful for that.”
– Mark Goldman, CEO, Armageddon Energy

“The Innovation Pipeline helped us meet individuals who invested in Driptech.  It was a valuable and fun experience for my team to present there.”
– Peter Frykman, Founder, Driptech

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