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2010 Daily Schedule

The following schedule is intended to provide a general guide for your scheduling consideration. However, please note that session times are subject to adjust slightly. Any changes will be reflected here as adjustments are made.

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 AIA CES Units will be provided for many of the educational sessions. Please stay tuned for final details.

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  • Thursday, September 30th
  • Friday, October 1
  • Saturday, October 2
ROOM Herbst
Southside Theatre
Building D
C260 C370 C362 C210 C235
  Keynotes Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions
8:00 - 8:30 Breakfast & Networking            
9:00-9:30 Opening Keynote
Van Jones, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress & Founder, Green for All
Doug Davis, Vice President, Intel Architecture Group -
Unveiling Intel's Future-Forward Technology
William McDonough, Principal, William McDonough + Partners/MBDC - Cradle to Cradle Around the World
11:00-11:30 Networking Cafe            
11:30-12:00 Technology’s Role in Developing the Integrated Cities Of Tomorrow
Lorie Wigle,
General Manager, Intel
Andrew Tang, PG&E
Jeff Hammerlund, Portland State University
Clark Brockman, SERA Architects
Andres Carvallo, Gridnet
Jason Wolf, Better Place North America
Dimitri Dadiomov, Better Place
Smart Grid Meets Smart Buildings
Rich Lechner,
VP Energy & Environment, IBM
John Kennedy, Senior Manager of AEC Sustainable Design, Autodesk
Alan Bright, Senior VP & Design Principal, HOK
Jeff St. John, Clean Tech Analyst, Writer GigaOm Pro
Critical Success Factors for Startups
Cathy Chiu,
Principal, Falcon
Using Prefab to Get to Net Zero
Naomi Porat,
CEO, ZETA Communities
David Johnston,
President, What's Working
Dan Smith, Principal, Dan Smith Architects
Norbert Klebl, Developer of GEOS Smart Living Neighborhood
Systems Principles for Sustainable Urbanism
Jim Heid,
Founder, Urban Green
Women's Ways of Leadership in Sustainable Design
Kira Gould, Director of Communications, William McDonough + Partners
Lynn Simon, Principal, Simon & Associates, Inc.
Christi Graham, President & CEO, West Coast Green
Valerie Casey, Founder & Executive Director, Designers Accord
Carrie Meinburg Burke, Principal, Architecture + Industrial Design
Water Wise Guys
Peter Yost,
Director of Residential Services, BuildingGreen, LLC
Alex Wilson,
Founder & Executive Director, BuildingGreen, LLC
12:30-1:00    LUNCH BREAK
1:30-2:00 William McDonough: Unplugged
William McDonough,
Founder, William McDonough + Partners / MBDC
Power Up! Changing the Real World with Games
Mathias Crawford,
Research Manager, Institute for the Future
Byron Reeves, Professor, Co-Director, H-STAR Institute
Financial Preparation & Expectations
Jeff Burkland, CFO, Burkland Consulting
Can Utilities Be Sustainable?
Lara Ettenson, Director of CA Energy Efficiency Policy, National Resources Defense Council
Jack Sahl, Director of Environment & Resource Sustainability, Southern CA Edison
Jim Parks, Program Manager, Energy R&D, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Jeanne Clinton, Manager, Energy Division, CPUC
Successful Residential Retrofit Programs: Lessons From the Field
Jared Asch,
National Director, Efficiency First
Edward Thomas, Vice President EGIA
Gail Brownell, Engineer, Workforce Training Consultant
Innovation Pipeline – Stories from the Trenches!
Diane Loviglio, VP Business Development, Wattbot
Gail Loos, Founder, GreenCycler
Rory Faber, President, Stramit Strawboard
Laurie Anderson, VP Sales & Marketing, Mage Water Management
Mirco Richardson, Director Business Development, MAGE Industrie Holding AG/td>
Community-Scale Graywater - Unprecedented Innovation
Paul Kephart,
CEO, Rana Creek
Raphael Garcia, Project Manager, Rana Creek
3:00-3:30 California’s New Clean Energy Brand
Anne Dougherty, Project Manager, Opinion Dynamics
Tom Zara, Executive Director, Strategy, Interbrand
Hunter Marshall, Senior VP, Strategic Planning Director, Draft FCB
Sales, Marketing & Branding
Joe Preis, President, Longitude Properties, Inc.
Power of 10: Making Change Exponential!
James Hanusa, 350 Advocate, Change Collective
Nils Moe, Sustainability Advisor, City of Berkeley
Melanie Nutter, Director, SF Dept of the Environment
Products & Trends in Green Building
Alex Wilson,
Founder & Executive Director, BuildingGreen, LLC
Business Strategies for Meeting Water Challenges
William Sarni,
Founder and CEO, Domani
Celia Canfield, Chief Development Director, West CoastGreen
Tom Cooper, Corporate Water Programs Manager, Intel
Michael Law, Ogilvy PR
Cities as Accelerators
Scott Green, Clean Tech / Regional Policy Officer, City of San Jose
Patricia Novick, Director of Health Programs, Erie Neighborhood House
Chad Riley, Director, Finance & Strategy, Living City Block
Andrew Watterson, Chief of Sustainability, City of Cleveland
Sarah Isabel Parriott, Sustainability Project Manager, Paladin Law Group, LLP
4:30-5:00   Seeing Beyond the Glare of Eco-Bling
Peter Pfeiffer, Principal, Barley & Pfeiffer Architects
Private & Public Funding Options
Jon Bonanno, CIO, Sustainable Power Assets
Philip Koos, Director, Price
waterhouse Coopers LLP
Home Energy Management – the Smart Home of the Future
Ryan Parker, Director of Marketing, Intel
Kristi Burrows, Director, Customer Insights & Strategy, Best Buy Inc
Dennis Kyle, Tendril
Jana Corey, Director of IDSM, PG&E
Ray Bell, President & CEO, Gridnet
Michael Kanellos, Editor in Chief, Greentech Media
Smarter Buildings for a Sustainable Future
Rich Lechner,
VP Energy & Environment, IBM
Dave Bartlett, VP, Industry Solutions, IBM
Peter Williams, CTO, Big Green Innovations, IBM
Discussion led by IBM executives and invited experts from Eaton Corporation, GSA, Kitson & Partners, Johnson Controls, NC State University, Schneider Electric, and Talisen Technologies
After the Launch: Achieving Market Success in the Clean Economy
Jeff Weinberger,
Principal, DS3 Consulting
William Sarni, Founder & CEO, Domani
Cindy Jennings, VP Marketing and Client Brand Strategy, Cohn Marketing
Anneke Seley, CEO, Phone Works
Play A Serious Game for More Sustainable Living
Jim Heid, Founder, Urban Green
Lisa Michelle Galley, Managing Principal, Galley Eco Capital LLC

ROOM Herbst
Southside Theatre
Building D
C260 C370 C362 C210 C235
  Keynotes Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions
8:00 - 8:30 Networking Cafe            
9:00-9:30 Opening Keynote
Panama Bartholomy, Advisor to Commissioner Douglas, California Energy Commission
Al Zollar, General Manager Tivoli Software, Software Group, IBM - Sustainable Enterprises and the Smart Urban Infrastructure
Chris Waugh, Practice Lead, Consumer Experience Design, IDEO
11:00-11:30 Networking Cafe            
11:30-12:00 The Future of Prefab
Michelle Kaufmann, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Michelle Kaufmann Studio
Jennifer Siegal, Founder & Principal, Office of Mobile Design
Allison Arieff, Writer, New York Times and GOOD
Ann Hand, CEO, Project Frog
How to Grow Smarter Buildings
Dave Bartlett,
VP Industry Solutions, IBM
VC Pitch-Off
Kathleen Gilligan, Partner, EcoStrategy Group
Jon Bonanno, CIO, Sustainable Power Assets
Anup Jacob, Partner, Virgin Green Fund
Will Coleman, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Joshua Raffaelli, Associate & Kaufmann Fellow, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
David Mount, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
The Rise of the Ecopragmatist
Jason Morris, Cleantech & Green Practice Lead, Schwartz Communications
Deep Geek: Natural Building in the 21st Century!
Bruce King,
Director, Ecological Building Network
Visionary Strategies for Energy Efficiency
Kristina Skierka, Senior Advisor, Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, CPUC
Michael Wheeler, Energy Advisor, California Public Utilities Commission
Theresa Cho, Chief-of-Staff, Commissioner Dian Grueneich, CA Public Utilities Commission
The End of Green Messaging? How Community Engagement is Superseding Corporate Communication
Amy Skoczlas-Cole, Head of Environment and Director, eBay Green Team
Adam Werbach, Chief Sustainability Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi
12:30-1:00   LUNCH BREAK
1:30-2:00 Words vs. Actions: The Latest Research on Green Purchasing Behavior
Suzanne Shelton, President & CEO, Shelton Group
Distributed Solar Power for Scaling Up Renewables
Arno Harris, CEO, Recurrent Energy
Intelligent Transportation Summit
Anthony Eggert,
Commissioner, CA Energy Commission
Daniel Kammen, Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Applied Brilliance: The Future of Community
Deborah Patton,
Executive Director, Applied Brilliance
Jill Pilaroscia, IACC,
Principal, Colour Studio, Inc.
Marc Hinshaw,
Founder & Creative Partner, Holt Hinshaw
Jerry Michalski, Founder & Guide, The REXpedition
Susan Goltsman, Principal, MIG, Inc.
Transparency vs Secrecy: Charting a Course in Sustainability Reporting
Kathleen Gilligan,
Partner, EcoStrategy Group
Karen Janowski,
Parter, EcoStrategy Group
Peter Perrault,
Green Giant, NetApp
Robin Connell,
Manager of Sustainability Programs, DelMonte Foods
Christina Nicholson, Director, Sustainable Development, Williams Sonoma, Inc.
Net Zero Energy: Lessons Learned from Design and Operation
Scott Shell,
Principal, EHDD Architects
Brad Jacobson,
Senior Associate, EHDD Architects
Peter Rumsey P.E,
Principal, Integral Group
Systems Thinking for a Vibrant Future
David Johnston, President, What's Working, Inc.
3:00-3:30 Designing for Positive Impact
Chris Waugh,
Practice Lead, Consumer Experience, IDEO
Smart Systems for Future Communities
Andrew Clark,
Director of Sustainability, IBM Venture Capital Group
Scott Green,
Clean Tech/Regional Policy Officer, City of San Jose
Christine Hertzog, Managing Director, Smart Grid Library
Andrea Traber, Director of Sustainability, KEMA Services, Inc.
Making Your Company Sexy for Investors
Richard Lyons,
Partner, Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean
Optimizing Blended Value Companies
Todd Johnson,
Partner, Renewable Energy & Sustainability Head, Jones Day
Multifamily Goes Platinum: Communities of LivingHomes
Steve Glenn, CEO, LivingHomes
4:30-5:00   Technology Enabling Sustainability
Carrie Freeman,
Director Sustainable Business Innovation, Intel Corp.
Peter Williams, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technology Officer, Big Green Innovations, IBM
Rachel Sheinbein, Principal, CMEA Capital
Stan Wrzeski, VP & Global Director, Carbon & Climate Action, HOK Group
Steve Engler, Director, Carbon Management Services, Deloitte
Forum: Designing Socially Just, Local Food Systems
Aaron Lehmer,
Network Development Director, Bay Localize
Navina Khanna, HOPE Collective
Tim Block, Program Manager, The Home Depot Foundation
Jason Mark, Co-Manager Alemany Farm, Editor, Earth Island Journal
Social Entrepreneurship Workshop: Developing Community Capital "Beyond Sustainability"
David Hopkins,
Co-Author, The Tactics of Hope: How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World
Wilford Welch, Author, Tactics of Hope
Kene Turner, President, Epilife Consulting
Beer & Banter with BuildingGreen
Alex Wilson,
Founder & Executive Director, BuildingGreen, LLC
Ann Edminster,
M.Arch, Green Building Consultant, Design AVEnues
Peter Yost,
Director, Residential Services, BuildingGreen, LLC
Bruce King, Director, Ecological Building Network
Creative Green Finance: Valuing Investment in Sustainability
Todd Johnson,
Partner, Energy Practice Leader, Jones Day
Joshua Levine, Vice President – Financial Consultant Brokerage and Advisory Services, SRI Wealth Management Group, Royal Bank of Canada
Bruce Cahan, Founder & CEO Urban Logic
Zero Net Energy Technology for Utilities
Jordana Cammarata, Commercial Analyst, CPUC
Gregg Ander, Chief Architect, Southern CA Edison
Steven Selkowitz, Department Head, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
ROOM Herbst
Southside Theatre
Building D
C260 C370 C362 C210 C235
  Keynotes Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions
8:00 - 8:30 Networking Cafe            
9:00-9:30 Opening Keynote
Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post
Hunter Lovins, Founder & President, Natural Capitalism Solutions
Gregory Miller, Technologist & Professor, Presidio Graduate School
Caroline Casey, Host of radio show, "The Visionary Activist", KPFA
11:00-11:30 Networking Cafe            
11:30-12:00 Spills, Sins & Starbucks: How Oil has Negatively Altered our Built Environment
Eric Corey Freed,
Founding Principal, organicARCHITECT
Innovate with Empathy: Shifting Worldviews through Inspired Communication
John Marshall Roberts, Founder & CEO, Worldview Learning
Clean Energy Financing: Pitfalls & Opportunities in 2011
Adam Boucher,
CEO, Fund Manager, Adam Capital
Liz Yager, Program Manager, Sonoma County Energy Independence Program
Larry Farris, Investment Operations, Adam Capital, CleanEnergy Asset Finance LLC
Danny Kennedy, Founder, Sungevity
Joe Anzalone, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking Group Manager, New Resource Bank
Reboot! Redefining Californication
Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Managing Partner, CODE Green Agency
Bonnie Nixon,
Co-Founder, CODE Green Agency
Dan Geiger, Executive Directer, USGBC Northern CA Chapter
Pedro Nava, CA State Assemblyman, Chairman, State Committee on CA Green Economy
Huey Johnson, Founder, Resource Renewal Institute, Founder Trust for Public Land
Making Shift Happen: Changing Our Course From Collapse to Sustainability
Matthew Stein,
Principal, Stein Design
Energy Upgrade California - Residential Retrofits Go Live!
Leif Magnuson,
Residential Green Building Coordinator, EPA
Panama Bartholomy, Advisor to Commissioner Douglas, California Energy Commission
Jeff Gleeson, Senior Product Manager, PG&E
Michael Wheeler, Energy Advisor, CPUC
Companies on a Mission: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Enlightened Growth
Mike Russo,
Professor, University of Oregon
Eric Olson,
Senior Vice President, Advisory Services, BSR
12:30-1:00    LUNCH BREAK
1:30-2:00 Dialogues with Luminaries
David Johnston,
President, What's Working, Inc.
Special Guests TBD
Concentrated Sunlight: New Technologies for Daylighting the Building Core
Lorne Whitehead, Chair, Board of Directors, SunCentral Inc.
Peter Novak, CEO, Sunflower Corp
Kit Ratcliff, President, Principal, Director of Sustainability, Ratcliff Architecture
Putting Nature and People to Work: Ecological Public Space
Bry Sarté,
Principal & CEO, Sherwood Design Engineers
Jacob Petersen, Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, Hargreaves Associates
Ken Hays, Developer, Kinsey Probasco Hays
Rubble Rising: Reconstructing Haiti from the Inside Out
Bruce King,
Director, Ecological Building Network
Kevin Rowell, Program Director, Kleiwerks International
Passiv Haus: Aggressive Savings
Prudence Ferreira,
Principal, Integral Impact Inc.
Nabih Tahan,
Founder and Architect, BauTechnologies
Graham Irwin,
Principal, Essential Habitat
Multi-Modal Transportation: Solutions for Mobile Urbanism
Timonie Hood, Green Building Coordinator, U.S. EPA Region 9
Tian Feng, District Architect, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
Jennifer Blonn, High Speed Rail Coordinator, U.S. EPA
Renee Rivera, Acting Executive Director, SF Bike Coalition
Eric Eidlin, Sustainable Communities Partnership Liaison, Federal Transit Administration
Ecological Bionics: Exploring an Ecologically Integrated Urban Fabric
Josiah Raison Cain, Co Founder, Design Ecology

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